We all know I’m a content girl. Google has joined the content kids too, especially with the hummingbird update.

Does that mean we should ignore technical SEO?

Confession time. Last month I installed the WordPress SEO plug-in, Yoast. Yes, despite the rants about content being King and that words will win you traffic, I experimented with technical SEO.

Yoast is actually a pretty cool plug-in. It makes it easy to get SEO right with a scorecard and tips on improving your score. Add more words, use your focus word more, drop your writing complexity level, add a picture.

It did change my writing. I find myself replacing pronouns with my focus word, and writing longer posts. Not too much though. It’s people who are reading this and people who will be spending longer times on site, so it’s people (content) that still comes first.

Has it worked?

At first, I said no. Traffic on the first weekend bombed. Big time bombed. Then it jumped a little, but nothing I could attribute to the change. Then I saw this.

Technical SEO Stats

Bing was indexing more pages. Lots more pages.

Then I got the first click from Bing that I can remember. Really, I can’t recall any previous traffic from Bing and from that graph, I can see why. Barely any pages were indexed.

I have learned the benefits of technical SEO and have been reminded that marketing needs integration to work.

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