Discounted Marketing Tools for Non-Profits

Marketing Tools for Non-ProfitsWe all know how I refuse to think of non-profit organizations and marketing any differently than that of any company. However, I’m admitting to being a hypocrite because I’ll accept the discounts.

To even the score, I’m sharing a few of the discounts from my favorite companies. Apologies for the North American slant here. Most of the companies offer global discounts, but a couple may not be there quite yet. Oh, and I’m not that selfless. There are a few affiliate links for companies I trust and recommend.

Marketing Tools for Non-profits


Yes, I’m starting with my favorite. The Hootsuite team give a 50% discount to registered non-profits. That’s off the monthly subscription to Hootsuite Pro and the Hootsuite University training. Oh, and any extra report credits. As part of their HootGiving program, they also offer a complimentary tune-up review of your social profiles.

Google for Non-Profits

This one is a very generous program and is gradually being rolled out globally. It has four components, but my favorite is the AdWords Grants. Eligible non-profits can receive up to $10,000 in AdWords spent per month. There is a couple of restrictions, but nothing onerous. I do recommend you get someone with knowledge in AdWords to set up the accounts, or dedicate a few days to get yourself up-to-speed to manage it.

The other offers give free access to the Google Apps suite and 30 gig of storage, additional YouTube features, and bonus Google Mapping tools.


My favorite email company isn’t just easy-to-use, with a cute mascot, they are cost effective with 15% off their already reasonable monthly rates. They have very detailed how-to videos on their site, so it’s training thrown in for free.

If Emma Email or Constant Contact are more your thing, they both offer discounts too. Emma gives a 20% discount. Constant Contact’s discount is also 20%, but you must pay at least six months in advance.


Search Engine Optimization is complex and confusing. You can use free tools, but Moz’s 75% discount for nonprofits make it cheaper than collating reports together. It’s not on their website, but complete the nonprofit application form and send it in with your 501(c)(3) form. They also offer $100 discount from their annual conference registration. I’ll be attending this year. Join me?

Microsoft via Tech Soup

Massively discounted Microsoft products (and other products) are available from TechSoup. Apologies for those outside the US, this is a restricted offer. Windows 8.1 licenses are free with an $8 administration fee. MS Office is also free, with admin fees starting at $24. There’s server software too.

Tech Soup offers discounts and free products for other organizations too, including refurbished hardware. Some of the products seem a tad dated but they’ll probably still do the job and save your money for more important things.


We all know the benefits of data management and it can be hard to management constituent and donor information. Salesforce do it well, but it gets expensive. Salesforce offers nonprofits the enterprise edition of their application with a very deep discount. The first 10 licenses are free, then $30 per month, per license for any others. It does mass emails, event registrations, the works. They also have offers on their other products through Salesforce Foundation.

Igloo Software

This one isn’t a nonprofit discount but it’s amazing software and can workout to be free. Igloo is an intranet that in their words is everything you wish Sharepoint was. I run a few Igloos for small businesses and nonprofits, including one just got my document management. Yes, it’s an intranet for one. Like Sharepoint, Igloo Software offer 10 licenses for free. Extra licenses are $12 per month, per person.

These are some of my favorites. Do you have any other discounts to add? I’d love to see what’s offered in other countries.

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