I can across this while researching my Masters thesis.

“But now I must warn you: Many people who adhere to the old rules will fight you on this strategy. If you are a marketing professional who wants to reach your buyers directly, you will likely encounter resistance from corporate communications people. PR folks will get resistance from their agencies. They’ll say the old rules are still in play. They’ll say you have to focus on ‘the four Ps’. They’ll say you need to talk only about your products. They’ll say that the media is the only way to tell your story and that you can use press releases only to reach journalists, not your buyers directly. They’ll say that bloggers are geeks in pajamas who don’t matter.”

I know the blogger mention does narrow this, but when do you think this was published? The term blog was first used in 1997 and by 2002, blogs were mainstream in political communications (ref). Look at the rest of the quote. When was the last time you heard a corporate communicator refuse to define an audience? I first formally studied marketing in 1994 and already the 4 Ps were losing favor. And journalists and print media have been encountering reduced circulation for years.

So, when was this published? This quote is from The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott, published in 2007 – only three years ago. From those attitudes, I expected it to be from the early 2000s at the latest, by someone who has just discovered the internet (remember introducing your grandparents the net?).

Luckily, this pessimistic, out-dated view is perfect for my thesis on communications barriers.

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