Google is taking over the world

Google-Is-Taking-OverIs there anything that Google can’t or don’t do? Google is taking over the world.

I spent this evening setting up Google Reader to track my favourite blogs. I manage my email in gmail, use Google Calendar, check directions and locations on Google Maps and occassionally use Google Documents for Word files. And that’s just my personal usage.

I’ve heard that g-drive is due to launch in the next 12 months.

We are putting a lot of our lives into a company that makes money from analysing who we are and directing us to what we want to know. Do you use gmail? Drop a random word in an email a few times and look at the ads on the side panel. Have they changed to give ads about that word? If they didn’t make it such a pleasure I think I’d be angry that Google is taking over the world.

Bianca Smith

Bianca is a freelance digital marketer in Seattle. She works with clients big and small, in the US and Australia, on digital marketing, branding, event communications, social media and website content.

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