How to poach an egg

poach-an-eggA 16yo friend updated his Facebook status this morning to brag he poached an egg for the first time.

I admit, it’s not remarkable in itself, but how he learnt how to was – he watched a tutorial on YouTube. Technology, the internet and social media has been criticised for stealing skills away from the youth. How will they learn to interact with others? What about penmanship? There’s more than one way to interact (I knew and worked with Chris for more than a year before meeting face-to-face), and is penmanship really needed now? New learning opportunities have been opened up. Chris wanted an egg and there was no one home to help. With youtube he was able to use initiative and learn how to poach an egg. Easy, quick, delicious.

Social media: now teaching teenage boys how to poach an egg.

Note: The linked video may not be the actual tutorial Chris watched, but it’s a Jamie Oliver one, so it’ll be useful and entertaining.

Photo credit: Alpha via Flickr

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