I just saw this new  Kia campaign while walking home from the library. I like how Kia has ignored all the car range’s features and is only attempting to eliminate the risk for new car buyers.

The creative is also interesting. All text, no image. Perfect for when you’re waiting for the bus. Come one, we know they’re not that frequent in Melbourne. That’s why you need the new Kia.

It will work and will probably only cost them a car or two at the most.Congratulations to the team for a new Kia campaign well done. What do you think? Did they break too many rules in this new Kia campaign?New Kia Campaign

2 thoughts on “Interesting new Kia campaign

  1. I actually found it a little odd – I mean, if you lose your job, aren’t the chances are that you’re still going to need a car? Though it is a different idea, which I like, and I suppose it would be particularly good if you bought the car on finance.

  2. You’re right, Jess. For most they would. I’d put the target audience for this was someone 25+ looking to upgrade their car or get a second car, and most likely it would be on finance.

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