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Let’s just accept that public relations gets a bad rap. Before you protest, in some cases it, and us as practitioners, deserve it.

But it’s up to us if we use our “powers” for good or evil.

One way is through volunteering. Learn skills, make friends, save the world. Simple.

I’m a volunteer editor with If you haven’t heard of them, you need to check them out. Kiva is a microfinancing organization facilitating small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. These are shop keepers and farmers and tailors whose income capacity or location restricts them accessing loans from traditional banking systems.

This week Kiva is celebrating its seventh birthday. Since 2005, Kiva has loaned nearly $365 million in $25 increments with a 98.99% repayment rate. This is thanks to the partner organizations in 66 countries educating and supporting the entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.

So happy birthday to Kiva and thank you for all you do.

Use your public relations skills for good and try out Kiva with a free trial loan. Money comes from a benefactor and repayments go to Kiva for their operating expenses.

What else are you doing to use your public relations skills for good?

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