Quit-Campaign-WTFThe other planned posts are coming, but this morning the Sydney Morning Herald published a list of the most complained about advertisements for 2008.

We heard about many on the list as they were released. For most of them, I can see why they were considered offensive, even if I don’t agree. for that, I’m thinking of the Quit campaign. For some background the complaints against the Quit campaign ad were thrown out. Yes, the tears were genuine, but the child was never in any danger. Also, the advertising bureau deemed the increase in calls to the Quit line to outweigh any distress from watching the advertisement.

I am confused by the Domino’s Pizza ad receiving 145 complaints though. Sure it’s a creepy ad, but was it worthy of complaints? WTF. See for yourself and let me know your thoughts…

And here’s a link to the full list of 2008’s most complained about ads. What do you think? Worthy of the complaints or WTF? Add your thoughts in the comments.

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