The Wiggles show how crisis management should be done

The-WigglesVideos like this make me miss event management.

What would you do if you arrived at your summer venue to find it a flooded mess?

I love the way the Wiggles team jumped in to get it fixed. They had the Wiggles performers outside explaining the delay to thousands of fans; keeping them reassured. And remember this is mainly toddlers and parents – a tough crowd.

They ticked all the crisis management boxes. What could have been fans hitting the internet to complain was only a 30 minute delay to the show. Watch and learn.

Sorry, the video is now showing as unavailable with the weirdest blank version of YouTube displaying. I can’t find the video separately.

Disclaimer: I used to work in merchandise sales for the Wiggles in Australia. I can’t take credit for their event and crisis management awesomeness, but I can praise them for it.

Photo Credit: Adrienne Bassett

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