financial-crisisI’m a marketer working in the financial services industry. Constantly I’m hearing the financial crisis blamed for everything.

Over the last two days we’ve seen Richard Branson talk of the opportunities the current situation gives entrepreneurs and Seth Godin posted this blog entry earlier today.

Branson correctly declared “There are enormous opportunities when there is a crisis”, and more specifically, “Fortunes are made out of recessions. A lot of entrepreneurs get going in the economic depths becausethe barriers to entry are lower”. Godin reminds us that a financial crisis gives us slack time, but we don’t need to let it be wasted time. We, freelancers, can use this time to learn something or build a tribe. Godin described it as using the financial crisis to build a nest for the future.

So things are a bit tight at the moment. What are you going to do about this financial crisis?

Update: The Richard Branson quote was originally in The Australian newspaper, but the link is now dead and I cannot find the article online. The updated reference is from Entrepreneurship, crisis, critique by Campbell Jones and Anna-Maria Murtola.

Photo credit: Jaroslaw Pocztarski via Flickr

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