Have a look at this photo. What do you think of it?


We’ll come back to the photo in a moment.

Next question, when was the last time you took a chance in your marketing? Most of the time we play it safe. Similar copy, identical image style, targeting the same audience. Then we wonder why our campaign results don’t improve. When we do this, we’re only targeting a finite market. Of course sales levels can’t increase or brand recognition percentages expand if we’re targeting the safe group. This also includes recruiting the same people into your team. One of the main reasons to recruit externally is to bring in new ideas, but if your new recruit when to the same schools or worked for the same companies as the rest of your team, fresh ideas can’t occur.

We need to do something different.

Think back to the photo. The colors are vibrant, the depth of field gives an artistic perspective, the level angle puts us eye-to-eye with the rooster. The only editing was to tweak the contrast, as with all photos shot in raw. While I’d love to claim it as my work, it’s not.

This is the photographer.


She’s eight years old.

A couple of weeks ago, I handed her my camera (with a lens hood and neck strap, I’m not that silly) and let her play. This was the result. The framing and angle were entirely her work. It’s a gorgeous photo and I love the framing. It’s also unlike anything I would shoot. I would have over-thought the framing, looked at it from higher (it’s at her eye-level), and probably wouldn’t have taken the shot.

Several people suggested that my DSLR will be broken by the child and that I should remove it from her. But, I’m glad I didn’t and that I took a chance. Yes, I could have ended up with a cracked lens or a soda-soggy camera body, but it was a risk to get this and other amazing photos.

So take that marketing chance; employ that non-standard person. You may lose out, but chances are you’ll win.

Here’s another of Kalilah’s photos: her baby sister (and my goddaughter).


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