Last Update: October 24, 2021 – 280 Hashtag Holidays

Alert: We intend for this list to be inclusive of all views while also fitting our values of accepting all as long as they are happy, healthy and safe. October 9 is Pro-life Cupcake Day. Everyone is entitled to their views and while the pro-life movement is known for violence, this particular group is using the day to open discussion, as far as we can see, so it’s on the list, but please show caution if you choose to celebrate the day.

This list starts with the hashtag holidays by day, followed by the celebration months. There’s a little duplication because that’s the nature of made up holidays. Some also rotate year-to-year and we’re still working at identifying those. If you know a holiday that’s missing or we’ve made a mistake, please let us know!

Hashtag holidays with rotating dates are identified by the year. Official public holidays have the country and state, if state-based.

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October 1

International Coffee Day | World Vegetarian Day | Magic Circles Day | World Habitat Day | Older Persons Day | CD Player Day | World Architecture Day | Child Health Day | Homemade Cookies Day | National Black Dog Day | National Hair Day | World Smile Day (2021) | World Ballet Day

October 2

Name Your Car Day | World Farm Animals Day | Custodial Worker Day | International Day of Non-Violence | National Fried Scallops Day | Produce Misting Day

October 3

Virus Appreciation Day | National Boyfriend Day | National Techies Day | Mean Girls Day | National Caramel Custard Day | National GOE Day | Global Smoothie Day | Look at the Leaves Day | National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day

October 4

National Taco Day | National Golf Day | Improve Your Office Day | Ship in a Bottle Day | World Animal Day | National Vodka Day | World Day of Bullying Prevention (2021) | Cinnamon Bun Day | World Habitat Day | Child Health Day (2021)

October 5

National Storytelling Festival | World Teachers Day | World Smile Day | Chic Spy Day | Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day | Balloons Around the World Day | Kids Music Day | National Apple Betty Day | National Get Funky Day | Do Something Nice Day | Fruit at Work Day (2021)

October 6

German-American Day | Comes and Take It Day | Mad Hatter Day | Badger Day | World Card Making Day | Physician Assistant Day | National Noodle Day | World Coaches Day | World Cerebral Palsy Day | National Orange Wine Day | Plus-size Appreciation Day | Random Acts of Poetry Day (2021) | Canadian Beer Day (2021)

October 7

National Frappe Day | Bathtub Day | Change a Light Day | International Day of Non-violence | Chocolate-covered Pretzel Day | National LED Day | Inner Beauty Day | Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day

October 8

American Touch Tag Day | World Octopus Day | National Fluffernutter Day | National Pierogi Day | International Podiatry Day | World Circular Textiles Day | International Lesbian Day

October 9

Moldy Cheese Day | Scrubs Day | World Post Day | Face Your Fears Day | Ada Lovelace Day | Fire Prevention Day | Curious Events Day | Pro-life Cupcake Day | National Chess Day | Bookshop Day

October 10

National Angel Food Cake Day | World Homeless Day | World Mental Health Day | Bring Your Teddy to Work and School Day | Hug a Drummer Day | Handbag Day | Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 11

It’s My Party Day | International Day of the Girl | National Coming Out Day | National Stop Bullying Day | National Depression Screening Day | National Sausage Pizza Day | World Dulce de Leche Day | Columbus Day (US select states and regions only 2021) | Thanksgiving Day (Canada 2021)

October 12

International Moment of Frustration Scream Day | Vet Nurse Day | World Arthritis Day | National Gumbo Day | Cookbook Launch Day | Spanish Language Day | World Sight Day

October 13

National Train Your Brain Day | Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day | No Bra Day | National Yorkshire Pudding Day | National Peanut Day | International Plain Language Day | National Fossil Day | Emergency Nurses Day (2021)

October 14

Be Bald and Free Day | National Dessert Day | World Standards Day | International Top Spinning Day | National Chocolate-Covered Insects Day | Native Americans Day

October 15

World Maths Day | White Cane Safety Day | International Day of the Rural Woman | Sewing Lovers Day | National Grouch Day | National Latino AIDS Awareness Day | Global Handwashing Day | Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day | World Students’ Day | National Roast Pheasant Day | National Mushroom Day | Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

October 16

National Dictionary Day | Learn a Word Day | Multicultural Diversity Day | World Food Day | Steve Jobs Day | Feral Cat Day | Department Store Day | National Liqueur Day

October 17

Wear Something Gaudy Day | Information Overload Day | National Face Your Fears Day | Spreadsheet Day | Hagfish Day | Global Dignity Day | International Day for the Eradication of Poverty | Take Your Parents to Lunch Day | Mulligan Day | Playing Card Collection Day | National Pasta Day | Four Prunes Day

October 18

International Legging Day #LeggingDay | No Beard Day | Get Smart About Credit Day | Conflict Resolution Day | National Chocolate Cupcake Day | Alaska Day

October 19

Evaluate Your Life Day | Conflict Resolution Day | New Friends Day | World Bone and Joint Day | Evaluate Your Life Day | National Seafood Bisque Day | International Gin and Tonic Day | Alaska Day Holiday (AK)

October 20

National Brandied Fruit Day | World Statistics Day | Community Media Day | I Love Yarn Day | Bridge Day | Suspenders Day | International Sloth Day | Waiters Day | National Medical Assistants Day

October 21

Babbling Day | Check Your Meds Day | Reptile Awareness Day | World Toy Camera Day | Count Your Buttons Day | Caramel Apple Day | National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day | Back to the Future Day

October 22

National Nut Day | Smart is Cool Day | International Stuttering Awareness Day | Caps Lock Day | Champagne Day (2021)

October 23

National Mole Day | iPod Day | Event Organizers Day | TV Talk Show Host Day | National Boston Cream Pie | National Canning Day

October 24

National Bologna Day | United Nations Day | Good and Plenty Day

October 25

Greasy Foods Day | Punk for a Day Day | International Artists Day | Sourest Day | World Pasta Day

October 26

Mule Day | International Bandana Day | Pumpkin Day | Pretzel Day | Mince Meat Pie Day

October 27

Sylvia Plath Day | Make a Difference Day | Black Cat Day | Navy Day | Cranky Coworkers Day | Hug a Sheep Day | National Potato Day | American Beer Day

October 28

Plush Animal Lover’s Day | National Chocolate Day | Mother-in-Law Day | Animation Day | Wild Foods Day | National First Responders Day

October 29

Internet Day | Hermit Day | World Psoriasis Day | Cat Day | National Oatmeal Day

October 30

Checklist Day | National Candy Corn Day | Haunted Refrigerator Night | Create a Great Funeral Day | Buy a Doughnut Day | Nevada Day Holiday | World Publicist Day

October 31

National Magic Day | Increase Your Psychic Powers Day | Halloween | National Knock-Knock Jokes Day | National Candy Apple Day | Nevada Day | National Grandparents Day (Australia – 2021)

October Hashtag Holidays

American History Month | Filipino American History Month | Italian American History Month | Polish American History Month | LGBT History Month | Domestic Violence Awareness Month | Eye Injury Prevention Month | Health Literacy Month | Home Eye Safety Month | International Walk to School Month | National Breast Cancer Awareness Month | National Bullying Prevention Month | National Dental Hygiene Month | National Down Syndrome Awareness Month | National Medical Librarians Month | National Physical Therapy Month | Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month | Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month | Global Diversity Awareness Month

Eat Country Ham Month | Fair Trade Month | National Apple Month | National Applejack Month | National Caramel Month | National Chili Month | National Cookie Month | National Dessert Month | National Pasta Month | National Pickled Peppers Month | National Pizza Festival Month | National Popcorn Poppin’ Month | National Pork Month | National Pretzel Month | National Seafood Month | Vegetarian Awareness Month

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