Reading the Myths of PR by Rich Leigh took my back to the first semester of my public relations degree. My initial lecturers were former News Ltd journalists turned jaded PR pros. They taught me how my years in marketing was wasted now I was in public relations. And they taught me how journalists and […]


Is your organization building digital culture? Should it be? Then you need to read the latest from Daniel Rowles and Thomas Brown. The world has changed and we’re seeing a flow of companies close because they haven’t evolved. Amazon (and others) disrupted retail, Warby Parker disrupted optical hardware, Uber disrupted taxis. In Building Digital Culture, […]


There are a few different understandings of social selling. I must admit this book is about my least favorite definition. I should backtrack a bit. Social Selling, the book not the process, is Tim Hughes’ first book and co-written with Matt Reynolds. It’s about the different tools and tactics salespeople can now use to initiate […]


Rita Skeeter came to mind often while reading Campaigns that Shook the World by Danny Rogers. Maybe my expectations were out, but I was expecting an in-depth look at some amazing public relations campaigns. Instead, I got a who’s who of, primarily British, PR people. Campaigns that Shook the World did include campaigns that shook […]


Do you feel like you missed the boat with content marketing? For some, it’s a big change from previous marketing strategies. How can sharing your secrets and empowering your audience make you money? Valuable Content Marketing by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton is the book to explain why content marketing is so effective, and how […]


I apologise to Faris Yakob for the lateness of this Paid Attention review. I started reading early, then grad school started. I picked it up again during the mid-year break and kicked myself for not reading it during semester. It was perfect for what I was studying. Alas, school started back, and it took this […]

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