Gamification isn’t game theory, but I suspect most marketers are like me and not actually know what game theory is. That’s what I was hoping to learn from Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust. Mathematician, Haim Shapira, promised to remove the scary math from game theory and make it something everyone can understand. Perhaps it […]


You may be questioning why a digital marketer would encourage reading the Art of Invisibility. It’s a book teaching how to hide your online life. Hiding online actions does tend to make our jobs as digital marketers rather difficult. However, you need to read this book for several reasons. First, I believe in informed choices. […]


Is your organization building digital culture? Should it be? Then you need to read the latest from Daniel Rowles and Thomas Brown. The world has changed and we’re seeing a flow of companies close because they haven’t evolved. Amazon (and others) disrupted retail, Warby Parker disrupted optical hardware, Uber disrupted taxis. In Building Digital Culture, […]

I have one complaint about Online Marketing for Busy Authors by Fauzia Burke. That it’s targeted perfectly for authors. This is one useful marketing book. Replace the word author with your profession and this book will talk you through online marketing. It was a random grab on NetGalley (thanks for the complimentary copy) and I […]


Rita Skeeter came to mind often while reading Campaigns that Shook the World by Danny Rogers. Maybe my expectations were out, but I was expecting an in-depth look at some amazing public relations campaigns. Instead, I got a who’s who of, primarily British, PR people. Campaigns that Shook the World did include campaigns that shook […]

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