The-Love-ListEarlier this year Hootsuite bought analytics company, UberVu, and now they’ve started sharing their beautiful research. This week they released the inaugural, monthly Love List Report. And it’s not even Valentine’s Day.

The Love List measures how much social media love received by 450 of the world’s leading brands. Congratulations to the eight Seattle-area companies who made the list.

How is the Love List Calculated?

UberVU via Hootsuite calculates the Love List using an algorithm more secret than the Coca-Cola recipe (who are 72 on the list). All we know is that it looks at the number of mentions each brand gets on social media, its sentiment level, and the conversations about the brand. Yep, it’s murky and secret, but if you look at the list, I’m not really surprised by any results, so I trust the math. Plus, I’ve seen UberVu’s sentiment reports before and love them. oops, there’s that word again.

Seattle-area Companies on the Love List

Place Company
 10 Nordstrom
14 Starbucks
 35 Costco
131 Alaska Air
 173 Amazon
 189 Microsoft
 256 T-Mobile
 388 Expedia

If your brand isn’t on the list you can still see how much love you get, by requesting a custom report.

What do you think of the Love List? Accurate? was anyone missed? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “8 Seattle Companies Make the Love List

  1. Bianca, thanks so much for sharing this localized take on our first set of Love List results! I LOVE hearing that you enjoy the uberVU sentiment reports – they’re one of my favorite features, too (though I may be a little biased).

    Social Media/Product Marketing, uberVU via Hootsuite

    1. Hi Elisabeth, sentiment reports are so difficult to get right. When I saw them I was with a child welfare client and they were fairly spot on. A very tricky thing when we had so many false negatives. I was definitely impressed.

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