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We all know about finding the correct audience and tools for the message, so when I was voicing my disgust in 2DAY FM’s new processes dealing with Kyle and Jackie O’s foul breakfast programme I decided to run a twitter experiment to see what the sentiment is. I only aimed for my Twitter followers. There’s a wider range of people in my Facebook friends and I didn’t think it would be as well received there.

I slipped up using TweetDeck and forgot to deselect the Facebook option. The Twitter experiment message went to both sites. Oops.

The response was surprising.

On Twitter there was one response (not someone following me) trying to recruit me into a boycott of Kyle and Jackie O’s sponsors.

Within minutes on Facebook friends had “liked” the status with one comment added the next morning. In total there are eight responses. Unfortunately none of the 2DAY FM fans prompted a debate but when I thought it was too controversial for my Facebook friends it was a good result.

If you want to follow my tweets, my username is biancajsmith.

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