on-social-mediaDo you ever question why you’re on social media? For your brand, I mean. There’s a plethora of experts who say you must have a presence, but have you ever asked why?

“Why?” is the first question I ask my clients and most of the time the answers are a little shocking. There’s a lot of “because we have to” or “someone said we have to”. Very rarely do I hear it’s a part of their business strategy. Yes, that’s right, business strategy. Not marketing strategy. Not social media strategy. Business strategy.

Everything you do should come back to your master goal. For businesses, it’ll be to make money. For non-profits, it may be to decrease incidents of cancer or abuse. Everything else is just a means to this end.

How To Fix This?

Go back to your goal. What strategies do you need to meet that goal? What tactics do you need to execute those strategies?

Next look at your audiences. Both the audience you have and the one you want. Look beyond the basic demographics at their psychographics. You know their gender and age, but what are their favorite TV shows? What keeps them up at night? Are they more likely to be at the theater or a sporting field? Or both? Which social networks are they on? Are they on social media? They may not be. You can’t assume. Do they read newspapers? Are they likely to have cable television?

How to Decide if You Should be Active on Social Media

Deciding if you should be on social media depends on your goal audience. Look back on the psychographics. Do they need influencer marketing and public relations? Community events? Pinterest? Only choose social media if that’s where your audience is. It’s not mandatory and remember, it’s your time and money. Spend it wisely.

Remember social media and online do help you to listen to your audience. Using a social media management platform, such as Hootsuite you can set up searches for each mention of your brand, company or keywords. Google Alerts will email you mentions are made online. Even if your audience isn’t there now, it can always change.

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