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This week I read an article by Buzzsumo about the different headlines formats best for each social network. It does make sense and not just for the character counts. Facebook isn’t Twitter, and Pinterest is… well… Pinterest.

It’s a bit of work to create the different headlines for social shares and I admit I often slack off. I use Hootsuite’s Hootlet to quickly schedule blog posts to Twitter. It pulls in the post headline. If I have it memorized, I add the author’s handle. Very rarely I’ll add a relevant hashtag. It’s not really the way I want my content shared, but it’s quick. I’m worse with Pinterest. I think the large optimized images are ugly in the middle of a blog post. They’re disproportionately large for the page and distract from the story. That’s why I don’t have Pinterest set up here on Tap Dancing Spiders. The traffic coming through wasn’t worth it. But I also didn’t properly optimize for it.

Social-Warfare-NetworksOptimizing for Social Shares

My lifestyle brand, Mass Consternation, is different. Facebook is currently the biggest traffic driver and I have high hopes for Pinterest. I’m glad I stumbled upon Social Warfare.

It’s a plug-in developed primarily to make Pinterest sharing easy and without excessive server load. The basic version has more than 30,000 active installs. It convinced me to try it and I’m glad I did.

Social Warfare has two version, free and premium. I use the free one here and the premium on Mass Consternation. More on premium pricing later, but it’s very affordable. The examples here come from Mass Consternation. The configuration is only a premium option, but one that makes it worth it.




Social Shares

It’s easy to add the updated copy and images in WordPress. My favorite part is the hidden Pinterest image. An update came through last week that links the Pinterest image to any pin button, so if they use Tailwind (which they should) or another Pinterest management app, your chosen image and copy is offered as the first selection. If you click around Mass Consternation you’ll notice not all posts have Pinterest images. Not all are worthy; the featured image will be offered if anyone wants to share those posts.

So how much does this amazing plug-in cost? The base install is fairly featureful (why isn’t that really a word?), and the premium is only $29 per year for one website. It’s $59 for two. There is a bigger plan too.

Other features include:

  • Twitter cards
  • Follower counts – total and per social network
  • Choice of share button locations
  • Click to Tweet – this saves having a second plug-in
  • Bitly Integration

Social Warfare Special Offer

Tomorrow (July 4, 2017) Social Warfare is offering 30% off all plans for the first year. No codes required and their 45-day money-back guarantee applies.

Have you moved on from the WordPress default share buttons? Which plug-in do you use? Is it Social Warfare?

Featured image: Kaboompics

2 thoughts on “How to get more social shares with Social Warfare

  1. I keep hearing about Social Warfare and wondering what the difference is between it and other options like SumoMe. Thanks!

    1. And I haven’t used SumoMe. I’m not ready for decent emails yet and I last looked at it before re-launching Mass Consternation. I originally liked Social Warfare because I was trying to solve a Pinterest concern and it was designed for that. The others are extras. They claim it’s also really low server load that caught my eye. I can’t verify it though because I did an emergency theme change at the same time. Google Page Speed gives this site a much better report but I can’t say why.

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