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social-media-over-rated-smallTonight I was updating the about me page and decided not to list social media with the areas I have helped clients. I know when it’s all the buzz and especially in Seattle. It’s not that I can’t use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or any of the other plethora of social media sites on the scene.

It’s that using social media won’t get you sales. It won’t increase brand awareness. It won’t influence behavior.

Solid marketing and communications plans will. That’s where you’ll set goals to increase sales by X% or to generate 51% of the vote. Social media tools will help you execute the tactics – that’s all. Yes, currently social media is over-rated

So I won’t describe myself as a social media person. I am a marketing communications person who can use social media.

Do you think I’m being too much of a purist? Let’s discuss it. Is social media over-rated?

Update: It’s now 2014 and I’ve reviewing all my posts. This one makes me cringe. While the premise stands, the execution is naive. Oh, and I have also updated the About Me page to reflect the new focus of the site as a resource, not a tool to sell my services.

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