managing-online-communitiesI wish read this report before my first trouble with an online community. I spent too long crafting a polite, but firm, email to a member. They had made a hilarious, but grossly inappropriate, joke. The community had self-moderated the situation by the time I posted the response.

Mashable has released a list of tips for managing online communities that is very helpful for all in social media. Number three is to leave users alone (hindsight is brilliant), and we often need reminders of number four: be yourself. There are also a couple that look counter-productive. In the world of social listening, why would we listen less? The tips for managing online communities gives a reason why, and it’s a good one.

Do you agree with this list, or have any other tips for managing online communities to add? Please share them in the comments. Oh, and I’m also curious how you do number 10. What offline tools do you use?

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