google-buzz-social-media-platformsHow many social media platforms are too many?

Last week Google released Buzz, their social media solution, integrated into the gmail platform.

Google are essentially the leaders of integrated information, so I don’t blame them for wanting to keep our social media time on their servers too. But really, unless it has something new and amazing I can’t see the point in moving over. Everyone has seen the stats on us being exposed to at least 4,000 marketing messages per day, so who has time for more of the same?

Admittedly, I haven’t played on it yet, but from all the reports I can’t see a justification to fit this into my schedule. This is what Google has to say on Buzz:

Google Buzz is a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting. It’s built right into Gmail, so you don’t have to peck out an entirely new set of friends from scratch — it just works. If you think about it, there’s always been a big social network underlying Gmail. Buzz brings this network to the surface by automatically setting you up to follow the people you email and chat with the most. We focused on building an easy-to-use sharing experience that richly integrates photos, videos and links, and makes it easy to share publicly or privately (so you don’t have to use different tools to share with different audiences). Plus, Buzz integrates tightly with your existing Gmail inbox, so you’re sure to see the stuff that matters most as it happens in real time.

What does everyone else think? Do we really need more social media platforms?

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