A Twitter Experiment with Kyle and Jackie O
We all know about finding the correct audience and tools for the message, so when I was voicing my disgust in 2DAY FM’s new processes dealing with Kyle and Jackie O’s foul breakfast programme I decided to run a twitter experiment to see what the sentiment is. I only aimed for my Twitter followers. There’s […]
Digital Campaign Stopping Prop 8
Isn’t it terrible when you see an amazingly executed social digital campaign that you’re forced to admire even though you detest the issue it’s promoting? For anyone who doesn’t know, proposition 8 (or prop 8.) was the referendum item on the Californian poll last year to have the right for same sex marriages overturned. From […]
Social marketing can’t be faked
Exactly a week ago Tourism Queensland launched a massively expensive promotion that received international coverage. They offered “the world’s best job”. As the island caretaker the successful applicant would be paid $150,000 to live 6-months rent free on the Great Barrier Reef. All that is asked in return is to swim, snorkel, chat to guests […]
Social Networking: Useful Tool or Evil Waste of Time
Everyone has an opinion on social networking. I know many people of all ages who swear by it (me included) and others, young as well as old, who think it is a terrible waste of time. Yes, it takes time to manage the sites, and then there is a decision of which sites to use: […]