Twitter-HintsRecently I was asked how Twitter could be used to get a message out to an audience. It was a late, after dinner conversation and I was coming down ill at the time. Here are the quick Twitter hints – but a little more coherent.

1. Be Strategic: What do you want to achieve overall and with each tweet? To inform? More clicks? Re-tweets? Make sure you tweet the comments at the best time to reach your audience. HootSuite can help with scheduling.

2. Keep the Message Short: You have 140 characters (including spaces) but try to keep it shorter. If you want to be re-tweeted make sure there’s enough space for your username to be included (so you get the credit) and possibly an extra comment they may add.

3. Use shortened links: and other URL shorteners give you more space for your message, and tracks the number of clicks. It’s mandatory if you’re trying to generate website traffic.

4. Join in the Conversation: It’s tempting to blast your message to followers, but this is social media and all about relationships. You need to earn their respect to be followed, or better yet, re-tweeted. So follow them, respond to their tweets and re-tweet (share) anything your followers will like.

5. Be Yourself: It’s great to get the message out but remember your followers are people. Put some personality into your tweets and occasionally send a frivolous one. I’m not saying drunken tweets or what you had for breakfast, just enough to let them know you’re a person too.

Do you have any other Twitter hints? Add them in the comments.

Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa via Flickr

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