Earlier this week a friend texted asking advice on her company’s September 11 posts. The atrocities that occurred 15 years ago today have definitely changed the world, and more so within the United States. A colleague said it’s our generation’s Pearl Harbor or the moon landing. I had no plans of living in the US when it happened, but I know where I was when the planes hit.

There were several arguments against remembering September 11 on social media. We’re on the other side of the country; it was 15 years ago; our brands were not directly impacted. It’s hard. Then do you remember it because of the military presence here? More first responders risked and gave their lives directly in the attacks. Posting also creates precedence and there are many horrible things happening in the United States. Gunshot homicides totaled 8,124 in 2014. Then there was the discussion of how do you remember the day. Several posts? One subtle one? Go dark (but no one will realize why you’re going dark)?

We thought it was too hard and decided to come back to it.

On Friday morning Mike Allton from the Social Media Hat brought me back to it with this tweet:


It’s a sensationalist lead for a thoughtful post. Mike gives great tips and resources on how to post for September 11. I also like that he didn’t link to the mattress company or a story on Walmart’s Twin Towers of Coca-Cola, which are in as how not to remember the day. His post provided the content and inspiration for our Community Health Plan of Washington post.


How Brands are Remembering September 11 on Social Media

To make next year’s planning easier, I wanted to collate posts from brands who have done it well. We tend to focus on the scandals so let’s save, praise and share the good. It’s interesting to see who is posting. I started this expecting collation to be easy. Not many purely commercial brands have posted for September 11. The vast majority of posts are by community groups, professional sports, media companies, and government and political groups.

This list is growing by the day and week. If you see a great post, please email me screen grabs and links at

Remembering September 11 on Facebook

 Remembering September 11 on Instagram

Remembering September 11 on Twitter


Apologies that I don’t know who created the amazing Never Forget script image. If you did or you know who did please let me know so I can give them credit.

2020 Update: This post is now four years old and there are more great examples to be added. If you’ve seen or created any, please let me know. Please either drop a link in the comments or send a link or screen grab to Thanks!

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