Social Networking: Useful Tool or Evil Waste of Time

social-networkingEveryone has an opinion on social networking. I know many people of all ages who swear by it (me included) and others, young as well as old, who think it is a terrible waste of time.

Yes, it takes time to manage the sites, and then there is a decision of which sites to use: MySpace, Facebook, Bebo … the list goes on.


There is so much I could write on the issue, but I think this Socialnomics video says it all.

What do you think? Social networking: useful tool or evil waste of time?

Note: this post was originally published in 2008, but the formatting was lost, along with with the video embedding. Apologies for using a more recent video, but as I’m adding this in November 2014 if the stats are from 2008 or 2009 really mean little. Enjoy the laugh from how out of date it all is.

Bianca Smith

Bianca is a freelance digital marketer in Seattle. She works with clients big and small, in the US and Australia, on digital marketing, branding, event communications, social media and website content.

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