Social media is oft blamed for society’s degradation. People have little hesitation in broadcasting their lives to the world, with seemingly little thought of consequence. Last night’s Social Media Club session brought together some people who are very concerned with privacy to give their views to those who are creating the social media platforms.

Moderator: Declan McCullagh, Senior Correspondent with CBS News Website
Michael Schechter, Senior Program Manager with Bing
Sue de Laauw, Senior Director Corporate Brand Marketing with Blue Shield
Tim Schigel, CEO and Co-founder of ShareThis
Tim Collins, Senior Vice President Experiential Marketing, Wells Fargo
Ryan Singel, Blogger and Journalist with WIRED

The main take aways from the session are:

  • Privacy expectations are relative to life stages. Youth see opportunities, older people see threats
  • Trust is assumed, but easily lost
  • Highly targeted advertising can be creepy – consumers opting to customize their tracking profile, correcting and adding more data
  • Americans have a lower expectation of privacy than, say, Germany – could be from a strong freedom of speech culture
  • People still want control – foursquare is a success because of this
  • Companies are screening consumer volunteered public information. Personal details (including medical) are removed, even when offered. From Michael’s some people have offered Bing LOTS of over-share.
  • Social media creates transparency through recording our lives.
  • Teens using false names online to avoid having “teen fun” catching up with them later
  • No formal studies but residents of central states more likely to over-share financial then on either coast. Overlay with political preference maps and it tells a strong story

Video of the full discussion is here.

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