Twitter Audits: Do You Make the Grade?

Twitter-Audit-featuredHave you ever wondered if you can do better with your Twitter account? OK, that’s a silly question.

When I get a new client, the first thing I do is a Twitter audit. I want to know what’s been done previously. Has it been done well? What should be killed? What’s amazing and needs to stay? Is the profile complete? This can be a time-consuming process, particularly for long-established accounts. I know what I look for has also evolved over time, as I grow and learn more. Have you ever tried counting and categorizing every Tweet you’ve ever sent? All of them?

Fortunately, Hootsuite developed the Grade Your Social tool for Twitter audits. Yes, I’m fangirling again, but read this post and if you have a better, quicker option for Twitter audits, let me know and I’ll concede. Otherwise, let’s continue.

Before you start, log in to the Twitter account that you’re auditing. Then jump over to and connect the Twitter account.


Within seconds, you’ll get a letter grade for your reach, engagement, and profile, along with an overall grade. Like in school (unless you’re Australian), the grades run from F to A+. It may go back to F-, but I’ve never seen one.


The tool teaches as well as tells. The next few screens compare your results with those of top Twitter users and gives reasons why those data points matter, e.g., more followers mean more opportunities for your posts to be seen. I love the reminder to acknowledge those who mention you. Some things are quick fixes, and others are part of a longer-term strategy. Ensuring your profile is complete is a quick thing you can do to look professional. Engaging with your followers may take a little longer.


There’s nothing earth-shattering about this tool, and it could definitely go into a deeper analysis. But it gives a very useful check-in, especially with newly “adopted” accounts.

Now, get going to do a Twitter audit and share your grade in the comments. I’m off to share some videos – the Grade Your Social tool told me to.

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