How can you decide if a Facebook post is worth posting?

Use a Post Engagement Model, like this:


A good facebook post will be in the top right quadrant. It will score high engagement AND high direct response (sale or actions depending on the product or business).

But how do you define what’s high engagement and high direct response? It’s tricky and depends on your business. I’ve chosen vacation markets for my hypothetical data and am really making unfair comparisons; 2,000 comments for one market may be amazing, but only average for another.

The solution is to standardize your markets or products. Track the engagement and direct response results for each market or product over 30 days to discover the average likes, comments, shares and your direct response metric. If you have data for a longer period, awesome. Anything shorter may not be indicative enough, but is definitely a good start.

Using the mean as 50, score the results out of 100. There’s no science here, so make it fit your business. If you’re not interested in shares, don’t use it. If clicks grab your attention, add those.

Merge the engagement metrics (average them? It’s up to you), and graph against a standardized direct response metric. Now you have something to reference when deciding between New York City and Hawaii.

Then choose an enticing image, write the copy, and you have a good Facebook post.

(disclaimer: I work for Expedia, but this is fictitious data)

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