Facebook-Page-AuditCongratulations. You have a new job or client and need to make their (now your) Facebook page sing with engagement. Oh, and you need to start quickly.

The first step is a quick Facebook page audit. I haven’t found a perfect, free, tool for this, but Meltwater’s LikeAlyzer comes close, and it gives a numeric score out of 100. You also don’t need to be a page admin so that you can stalk the competitors (or potential clients).

The tool gives a lot of metrics but don’t give details how to get a passing score for each of them (I think it’s arbitrary). However, it does give recommendations to improve. OK, enough of the weaknesses, on to the important metrics.

Page Information

The first box is a simple yes/no to see if the profile is complete. It’s the usual things, like including a website URL, and completing the about section. I haven’t worked out how many milestones are needed for a passing grade. It is more than three. Liking at least ten pages gives you a pass, plus it can either give you content to share (remember the rule of thirds) and bring you to the attention of those you follow.

Page Performance

In this box, it looks at the overall page performance (duh, as the name says). This one is hard to judge your performance because it’s customized for your page. PTAT (People Talking About This) is included, even though Facebook have stopped using it as a metric. I prefer to look at engagement and likes growth. As long as both are positive, it’s good.

Post by Pages

This is the last box that I pay attention to. The break up of post types is useful to ensure you have a mix. Again, I’m not sure how useful the pass/fail marks are, but it helps to see the snapshot of what’s going on. It’s a reminder to use hashtags, and to post a few times per day.

I skip the other boxes because they aren’t that useful. I’m not convinced that posts to page should be a metric. The other main details compare your score to others similar to you, but only if they also use the tool. Yeah, not that useful.

So what is the LikeAlyzer for?

The snapshot. It’s a quick way to do a basic Facebook page audit. You can glance over it and see if you need more posts, or there are too many links being posted. Each Facebook page is different with a different audience so you should only be competing with yourself. Even the score. I use this as a check-in every month or so to ensure I’m on track.

How do you do a Facebook page audit? Share and let us know. Oh, and the profile in the image is the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. I’m their Content Manager. Follow us to see what we’re up to.

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