Getting-Ready-for-WordCamp-smallSaturday will be my third WordCamp and definitely won’t be my last.

Each year I’ve learned a lot about WordPress, a bit more about marketing and met a lot of great people. I’ve also learned what things I need to bring to get the most out of the day.

Here’s my list…

1. Fully-charged smart phone. The presentations are great, but the back channel conversations on Twitter really adds an extra level. It’s where the community really thrives. There’s commentary, links shared and you can see what’s going on in other sessions.

2. Business cards. WordCamp is sold out at 500 people. You’ll meet a lot of people who you’ll want to contact later. It may be be a potential employer or employee, freelancer or someone with a shared interest. Pack your usual business card stash and then a handful more. Oh, sponsors also give away great prizes, and you’d hate to miss out on the draw because you’re out of cards.

3. Pen and paper. I know you’re thinking, “Come on, Bianca. It’s a paperless world.” However, it’s also a world restricted by battery capacities and wifi congestion. I’ve never experienced the latter at a WordCamp, but better to be safe than sorry.

Optional extras…

4. Smart phone power cable. Since iOS6 was released, my iPhone struggles to make it through a day of normal usage, let alone a WordCamp. Bring a cable to top up during the day.

5. External smart phone battery. Also since iOS6, I rarely leave the house without my external battery for the same reasons as above. At least if outlets are in short supply, I can still recharge.

6. iPad. I’m a digital girl, and while I’ll have pen and paper as a back-up, this will be my main note-taking device.

7. DSLR camera. Definitely not a mandatory, but very useful. Last year one of my low-res iPhone photos was the only one of taken during a presentation. The presenter reached out to me for permission to use it. You never know who you’ll connect with because you have photos of the event. Plus, all photographers love more opportunities to take more photos.

Others would add in things like an open mind, eagerness to learn, etc., but with how friendly and helpful Seattle’s WordPress community is, it’s hard not to be enthused. Here’s Grant Landram’s post on how to get ready for WordCamp.

I hope you’ll all get as much out of WordCamp as I do each year and if you see me, make sure you say Hi.

4 thoughts on “Getting ready for WordCamp Seattle

  1. We will have charging stations in every room as well, so a phone/ipad/laptop charger is a great idea! See you Saturday!

    1. Happy to help. It’s all about what works best for you. I love that the community doesn’t judge.

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