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  • How to celebrate Columbus Day in the United States

    Columbua Day in the United States is a federal holiday with a terrible past. Should your brand celebrate it? What can do you instead?

  • Why I’m not blogging as much in 2018

    On Sunday I was being “Harsh Bianca” with a client. We were reviewing content schedules for their Year of Content. With each idea, I demanded three things: why were they doing it, what goal would it assist, and how does it relate to their customers. Essential things and not unusual for content marketers. By the […]

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Book Review

    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is the buzz business book for 2017. I was sucked in because so many people I respect have raved about it. That sounds more negative than the book deserves. I hesitated about writing this review. I’ve written about The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck over […]

  • A World Without “Whom” – Book Review

    John and Hank Green spent a third of a Dear Hank and John episode trying to decide how to spell the colloquial form of casual. Cash would be confused with money. Instead of a 17-minute discussion, they could have just asked BuzzFeed. In growing from clickbait quizzes asking “Which pie are you?” to a massive […]

  • Do You Use a Style Guide? You Should

    I’m currently reading Emmy Favilla’s upcoming book on language. She describes writing BuzzFeed’s first style guide, and it got me thinking about the different style guides I’ve used and how they’ve helped my writing. They’re especially useful when writing for different audiences and different countries. What is a Style Guide? A few of my clients […]

  • Learn how to personalize sales with Meconomics 101

    Sometimes I read physical books, Meconomics 101 is one of those. Brian E Gracon’s book promises 16 ways to improve your marketing, selling and business management for today’s consumers. There’s so much I shouldn’t like about this book. The mention of “today’s consumers”, the fictional examples, the MS Word graphics. Each of which is things […]